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Lightning Facts

1) Lightning does strike twice!  If your tree has been hit by lightning likely it will happen again.

2) Every second there are 50 - 100 cloud to ground lightning strikes hitting the earth.

3) Lightning is HOT!  Like 50,000 degrees!

Damage is irreversible!

40 to 60 Years:

The time it takes for a tree to mature

1/5000th of a Second:

The time it takes for lightning to destroy your tree

18 Seconds:

The time it takes for you to text "LPS" to 574-206-6205 to learn how to save your tree from getting struck by lightning!

Protect Your Trees

Installing a Lightning Protection System will divert the lightning to the ground without traveling through your tree.

Trust My Tree Climber as an ISA Certified Arborist to install your Lightning Protection System today!

tree by garage

A tree struck by lightning damaged the garage. This can be prevented with LPS!

Cable going up tree

Lightning Protection System Cable going up into a tree.

Lightning fire intown tree

The lightning struck this tree and caused a fire right in the middle of a town.

lighting bolt in town tree

Lightning bolts in a town tree

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